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Koding Overview

Koding is an online development environment with the goal of simplifying worldwide development and providing free computation and development to everyone.

It does this by offering Free VMs for development to anyone. The Koding VMs provide you with a real Ubuntu OS, with a real Terminal, and allow you to work on real code. Python, PHP, C++, C, it doesn't matter. Even better, they are online. Accessible from anywhere in the world. Even sharable with teams.

If you haven't heard of Koding, click here and go check it out!

Koding in 2 Minutes Video

Is Koding a Production Host?

Koding is first and foremost a Development Environment. All features have been tailored with this in mind and evidence of this is reflected in all of the features you see implemented. Lets highlight some of these items.

VMs Shutdown After Logout

Approximately 20 minutes after you log out, your Free VMs will shut down. Why? Koding‘s development focus is not centered around hosting your blog/site. Koding is here to enable you and to help you make great things. Attempting to be yet another host in a sea of perfectly capable production hosts won’t help achieve that goal.

Another benefit of this system, is that it helps avoid security concerns that collectively harm us all. There are plenty of users out there who have used Koding to host dangerous applications. Phishing, scamming, spamming, all of it. This directly harms all of us, by giving Koding a bad name, wasting resources, and hindering a service that we are trying to be productive with. It's no surprise that restrictions need to be put in place to inhibit this behavior, for the benefit of everyone.

Note: In the future Paid Always-On VMs will be an option. This is currently not available though.

CPU Bursts vs Sustained

Koding wants to help you get work done, and get work done fast. Things like compilers have a lot to compute, but in short sporadic bursts. Koding's CPU allocation has been tailored with this in mind. It wants you to compute what you need, as soon as possible. It is not tailored for a long running process that expect heavy and consistent usage, such as a Minecraft server.

Raw Ubuntu OS

These days a lot of hosting platforms are heavily optimized for their specific niche(s). They streamline the process of hosting your language or application style of choice, which gives you added stability and performance gains. Examples of this are the plethora of Apache-PHP hosts, Nodejitsu, Google App Engine, Heroku, AppFog, and a nearly limitless amount of others.

Why is this? Well, production hosting is hard, and there are obvious benefits to letting someone else do it. The idea of uploading your php site to a standard php host is easy. The idea of buying a dedicated server, setting up Apache, firewalls, updates, etc, just seems a bit crazy in comparison. On top of that, what about load balancing and CDNs? Doing it all yourself can be hard.

Well, Koding gives you that raw machine. It‘s not trying to make production hosting for you, but rather it’s giving you a completely open and powerful environment to make stuff! So by all means make your Wordpress blog on Koding, and if you really want to host it on Koding wait a while and buy an Always-On VM. Just be aware of the design goals.